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1.About the Scottish Shotokan Academy
The Academy follow the influence &teaching of the late Sensei Kase, founder of Kase-Ha Shotokan-Ryu Karate-do Academy which teach karate as a budo martial art not sport karate.
The a member of the Scottish karate governing body &its instructors are all disclosure checked &hold SKGB.coaches license.

2. Is karate very strict?
There is a fairly rigid etiquette to follow when training, as a beginner you will not be expected to know the rules e.g. you are late for class you should not join in the training without the instructors permission.

3. What happens during a class?
Students line up facing the instructor the highest level to the left of the instructor. Training starts with warm up exercises designed to increase Flexibility & prepare the body for the training session.
The teaching usually consists of a practice of the basic skills of attacking & defending techniques.
At all stages the student can expect individual attention & correction from the instructor.

4. Is karate only for young people?
No. Karate is a martial art & can be practiced by everyone not just young persons.
Karate will require from you concentration & commitment& in return you will acquire confidence, fitness & the ability for self-defense.

5. What do I need to wear at training?
To start with jogging pants & T/shirt are adequate. However later on you will be expected to wear a white karate Gi (uniform).

6.How long will it take to receive a black belt?
The average student can achieve this level between 3& 5 years if regularly training a minimum of twice per week.
Students at the academy are entitled to level up every 4 month if training regularly & are ready & confident.

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