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The Scottish Shotokan Academy (SSA) has clubs throughout Scotland. Click here for more information on clubs in your area.

  • A strong block hurts your opponent-there is no need for attack.
  • Karate Ni Sente Nashi/Block always first.
  • There is no first attack in Karate.

"Training in karate is like trying to make fire with wet matches. After several times you may get some sparks, and if you are patient you will get fire that lasts forever."
Taiji Kase

It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of Sensei Kase. He passed away on the 24th November 2004, his 75th birthday. Sensei Jim Martin and Paul Sammy represented the Scottish Shotokan Academy at the funeral service in Paris on Tuesday the 30th of November 2004. His memorial service was recently held in Paris. Find out more here >

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